Residence in Lisbon (Portugal)

The project area is located at the foot of the Alfama, along the stripe that runs alongside River Tagus and along Infante don Henrique avenue, a route that starts at Santa Apolonia railway station and ends at Comercio square.

The site is located very close to the historic center of Lisbon, characterized mainly by its romanticism, degradation and industrial and port status. This is also an area a little away from the tourist and commercial centers of the city.

The proposed strip, given its huge size and elongated shape, makes us consider two main intervention possibilities:

1. Rehabilitate and revitalize the entire area from the Commerce Square to the railway station of Santa Apolonia, with small actions to increase activity in the area and the interaction of the elderly people with the rest of the city.

2. Locate all the relevant program into a more clustered enclave in accordance with the nursing home program that is posed.