Visual Arts Center in Segovia (Spain)

Starting from musical variables that Le Corbusier manages to produce different sensations in visitors to his Philips pavilion, we associate to them other concepts related to each other, which have architectural application within the proposal and in turn create different perceptions of the space in the individual:

Frequency – Repetition, continuity, rhythm.     – Wavelength

Intensity – Density of space, light.                      – Amplitude

Duration – Size.                                                     – Size of the wave

Timbre – Look, appearance, material.              – Appearance of the wave


– Produce different reactions on our sensitivity

– Transmit different psychological effects on the individual

– Create on listeners a new sense of movement through the relationship among sound sources

– Transform and produce changing spaces that vary perceptually through the use of light and sound, leading to larger, smaller, dry, reverberating, narrow, slender areas.