Conservatory of Music in Berlin (Germany)

The proposal for the square of music in Berlin starts from the need to connect two points of particular relevance in the planning of the city: the Potsdamer Platz and the Tiergarten.

From this point, with this goal in mind a ditch is dug out, crossing it in its entirety and crossing it from the more proximal end to the Potsdamer Platz until reaching the visual landmark located at the gates of the Tiergarten.


Based on the idea of developing this building project around the large ditch, a number of thematic squares are designed to become centres of cultural activities, shows and music concerts. Adjacent to these squares and the inner route that joins them, the spaces linked to teaching and assay are adhered, which are opened or closed to the outside according to the needs of the program.

The interior route of the ditch culminates in the great piece near the Tiergarten, which houses inside the large transformable hall for various shows, performances and concerts. In this way the flow of people from the Potsdamer Platz is attracted, inviting visitors to tour the ditch from the south end.

For visitors, the aim is to offer the city an opportunity to access the musical events in this proposal from outside the ditch, without disturbing traffic inside and organizing the outside squares as meeting points and resting places.