School of hostelry and music in Puebla (Mexico)

The intervention in “La Constancia Mexicana” finds its origin at first from the interpretation of the existing volume as a series of successive and parallel strips.

Following this longitudinality the proposed project is developed, seeking to reinforce this perception by creating a street, also parallel, which will cross the catering school.

With this, the main street we open in the former loom room takes on the character of dominant element, organizing all the interior and exterior space. Thus, all areas of the school are connected, including the courtyards at both ends which work as courtyard or square depending on their location. Similarly, the opening of this street facilitates access to each of the volumes.

In addition, we aim at revitalizing the project by two other “streets”, such as the riverside of Atoyac and the farthest riverside from it. These are green walks that would acquire a secondary role within the proposal, but they would be well connected to the main and major interior spaces by three transversal streets that cross them.

To reactivate the area of the riverside, this green path is opened to the river through walkways and viewpoints, which together with its feature as green area, makes it almost as relevant as the main street.