Contest “Cool construction”

OCCUPYING-THE-WALL. Design of the fence at Frederiksberg metro station (Copenhagen).

Occupying-the-wall proposes a project working as an urban laboratory that improves as a creative dialogue, a dynamic and interactive object. The result of a shared act with the city in the city.

The project is based on “the wall” in order to make different realities visible, from the role played by architecture and urban space craft to the urgent need of a critical and creative capacity of the citizen as an active constructor of his environment.

Occupying-the-wall is a line of rising action and adaptable to each urban situation, arising from the following concepts:





Occuping-the-wall is developed through the simple act of taking one of the bicycle spaces to be offered on the wall, with its corresponding full-size photo of the owner/s of each bike. Occupying-the-wall therefore proposes an approach to architecture through a transitional space conversion on an active reality of a very specific area of the city of Copenhagen.

(Promoted by the Danish Energy Agency)