Restoration workshop in Giurgiu (Romania)

Restoration project of the citadel of Giurgiu (Romania), recovery of the venue through the ruins of the medieval citadel and proposal as a museum and archaeological complex. In addition, the planning of the adjacent territory is proposed, ensuring the connection to the central area of the current city.

For that purpose a plan of action and intervention methods is established, along with a description of urban and environmental proposals. Similarly a proposal for the conservation of the ruins of Giurgiu is carried out, by placing a volume of protection to allow visits through a network of footbridges, allowing the continuation of archaeological work in this area in the future.

With this intervention a focus of tourism development integrated in the historic area of the city is created, which offers development opportunities for tourism and commercial business to local and foreign employers, such as visits to art galleries, space for outdoor exhibitions or enclosed spaces with permanent and temporary exhibitions.