Board game design “Can Batlló” – Urban intervention in Can Batlló

Design project associated with the workshop held in Can Batlló (Barcelona). This industrial complex, abandoned after the bursting of the real state bubble, is located in the district of Sants and housed up to 200 workshops in which more than 2000 people worked in the period of greatest activity.

The creation of the board game “Can Batlló” is performed at the same time as the strong neighborhood protests claiming for the release of this historic industrial site. This is a new debate on different ways to create urban spaces not only in Barcelona or Madrid, but also in other parts of the territory, creating and promoting meeting spaces based on cooperation between people and the neighborhood activity.

The “city of people”, from the experience of local self-management carried out by the platform “Salvem Can Batlló”, becomes the leitmotif of this experiment in the shape of a board game, where players (citizens) acquire and rehabilitate abandoned warehouses and yards to convert them into much-needed public spaces in the fabric of the neighborhood and the city of Barcelona.

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